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WHO Counseling Services is founded on the principle of collaborative relationship designed to strategically focus on client needs. Our goal as an agency is to assist individuals who are experiencing difficulty in establishing or maintaining interpersonal relationships. Our community based programs provide short term and structured services to achieve client's goals. 

History of WHO Counseling

WHO Counseling Services was founded in 2011, by the endearing Latausha Boone in Richmond, Virginia with nothing but a vision and years of experience under her belt. Latausha had spent several years in service of others yet always on someone else's terms. Her journey began as a social worker for the City of Richmond and led her to another role as a group home facility manager, ending with a business that seemed almost hers but not quite. There is a saying that people will forget what you do for them, forget what you say but they will never forget the way you make them feel. The simple fact was that all these jobs did not make her feel as if she was truly helping people in the way that they deserved and in the capacity that she knew they needed. So, she took her experience and did what she knew she could by striving to approach the field of therapy better than she had seen it done in her 15+ years. By gathering the best team, she endeavored to help people from adolescence to adulthood to gain clarity by addressing their everyday stress factors.

Licensed with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS)

Treatment Provider with Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP)


“I Like LaTausha’s Counseling Style And Techniques. I Have Had 2 Sessions Thus Far Which Have Been Very Empowering. I Finally Got In Touch With The Fact That I Have Codependency (Caretaker) Issues. What A Revelation After 40 Years Of Being In Relationships. I’m Anticipating The Next Session.”

— Ms. Goodman

“During The Hardest Moment In My Life, LaTausha Was There For Me, Helping Me Through The Process. In Each Life’s Transition She Has Been So Easy To Talk To And I Feel Like She Just Gets Me”

— Mrs. Arnold

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